Panasonic SD-2501 WXC Automatic Bread Maker

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked bread? It has a wonderful aroma and a delicious taste. The baking of bread can be traced back 6,000 years to its origins in the Middle East, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to bake your own bread quickly and easily?

I purchased the Panasonic SD-2501 WXC Automatic Bread Maker in March 2014 and haven’t looked back since. It has been an excellent addition to my kitchen and thw whole family appreciates what comes out of it. You can’t beat the aroma of freshly baked bread!

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Is The Kenwood Chef A Classic?

I remember my Mum had a Kenwood Chef and it held as much fascination for me in the kitchen as a brand new sports car would have done in the garage. She made use of it for over 40 years, which is quite amazing. The Kenwood Chef Classic KM366 reviewed in this short informative article aims to look like the classic chef my Mother owned. It is one of a range of Kenwood machines available today. I think of it as being the entry level model, but does it do enough for you?

Through this article, I hope to help you decide if the Kenwood Chef Classic KM366 is the right machine for you.

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Kenwood Chef Premier KMC570


You are probably the kind of person who is looking for a good quality Food Mixer without all the bells and whistles offered by the very top of the range. You may have looked at the Kenwood Chef KM336 and wanted a little more, and you may have even taken a peak at the Kenwood Chef Titanium KMC010 and thought it a bit too much. This model, known as the Kenwood Chef Premier KMC570 may well be the one that suits your needs.

I will take you through all the features that distinguish it from the models around it. I want you to know if this machine is worth the money. Does it come with the right accessories? Is the build quality worth the price you will be paying?

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Is The Kenwood Chef Titanium KMC010 Worth It?


Choosing a food mixer to help prepare meals everyday can be a bit of a challenge with the choice that is available. Beyond the everyday preparation, many customers want a food mixer that will rise to those special occasions when there is something to celebrate, friends coming round or a batch of supplies for the school summer fayre.

This Kenwood Chef Titanium KMC010 costs nearly £400 but what do you get for your money? Are you just paying for the brand or is this stand mixer really worth the price tag?

This review will help you decide if this is the right stand mixer for you. Here we will talk about the essential points regarding the Kenwood KMC010 food mixer and how it compares to others.

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Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KMM020


The decision to purchase a food mixer to prepare everyday meals as well as catering for larger groups of family and friends is not one to be taken lightly.

A food mixer can be a very costly item so this article will provide a short informative review of the Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KMM020 to help with your purchasing decision. This machine costs more than the Kenwood Chef Titanium KMC010, but what are you paying for and is it worth it for you?

It includes the most important things you need to know about the Kenwood KMM020 food mixer and compares them to others in the range. It will help you decide if this is the right food mixer for your needs.

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What Is Planetary Mixing Action?


Planetary Mixing Action is unique to Kenwood Food Mixers and sets them apart from other food mixers. It is another example of the well thought out design and innovation from Kenwood. So what exactly is it?

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The Man Behind Kenwood


The man behind the Kenwood Food Mixer was Kenneth Maynard Wood who was born on 4th October 1916, in Lewisham, London and was brought up on the outskirts in a place called Chelsfield, Kent.

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What’s Really In The Kenwood Chef Range?

Like many Cooks you may want to save time by using a Stand Mixer or want the benefit of consistency provided by an electric motor. These are more than just food mixers and they come with the option to use other accessories.

There are many makes of Food Mixer available, but what about the range of Kenwood Chef Food Mixers?  Are they any good at what they do? Is the cost of buying one, worth what you get?

I first came across an electric food mixer when I was growing up in the 1970s and have always been fascinated by them. I’ve researched Kenwood and their range of food mixers and should be able to help you decide which, if any, are right for you.

There are a number of different models available around the world, and this article will introduce you to the four main models of Kenwood Food Mixers available in the UK.

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