Is The Kenwood Chef A Classic?

I remember my Mum had a Kenwood Chef and it held as much fascination for me in the kitchen as a brand new sports car would have done in the garage. She made use of it for over 40 years, which is quite amazing. The Kenwood Chef Classic KM366 reviewed in this short informative article aims to look like the classic chef my Mother owned. It is one of a range of Kenwood machines available today. I think of it as being the entry level model, but does it do enough for you?

Through this article, I hope to help you decide if the Kenwood Chef Classic KM366 is the right machine for you.

Is This Machine Powerful and Big Enough?

At 880W, the KM366 has the smallest motor in the range, with the Kenwood Major Titanium KMM020 boasting the most powerful 1500W motor. The Chef Classic is still powerful enough to complete it’s mixing duties, albeit slower than the more powerful models in the range. It boasts a variable speed control with a Pulse function. The entry level power was no problem to a reviewer called Buckaroo

… This has 200w of more power than my last one and boy i noticed when using the blender for the first time. Glad i bought it.

— Buckaroo

It has a 4.6L brushed Stainless Steel bowl that is just as big as the ones in most of the other models including the near top of the range Kenwood Chef Titanium KM010. The three coated aluminium bowl tools include the near legendary K-Beater as well as a Whisk and Dough Hook. The tools supplied with the higher Titanium models are made of Stainless Steel and is one reason for their higher cost.

The tools and bowl can be easily changed due to the simple pop up head lift used by Kenwood mixers. There is no fumbling and fiddling around for this task.


This classic kenwood mixer comes with a 1.5L Acrylic Blender, which is very good and quite light. I have a soft spot for the Blender especially since I remember using it to make delicious Banana milkshakes as a child (and now as an adult too). It was simple, I just put milk, bananas, ice cream and a few ice cubes in the liquidiser and switched it on. Lovely memories.

There are some 20+ additional accessories that can be purchased. If you have young children they may well pour over the catalogue wishing you would purchase the Ice Cream Maker or Pasta Maker.


The KM336 is finished in white with a silver trim, and pays a lot of respect to the design of previos models. As such it looks every inch the classic as it name suggests. There are three mixers in the Kenwood Range whose only difference to this one is their Red, Green or Blue colour trim.

There are three power outlets, one for the bowl, another for high speed and the third one is a low speed power outlet. Returning to Buckaroo, the Amazon reviewer from earlier,she tells how she was able to use all her old attachments with her new Kenwood Chef Classic. So if you are replacing an older model, keep the attachments just in case you can use them. This particular reviewer was very pleased with the KM366 purchase

Scanned the net for best price of a chef to replace my last one which lasted over 20 years (wasn’t originally mine) , this was £100 cheaper than anywhere else, and all the previous attachments from my previous chef fits it too …

— Buckar00

Will It Last Long?

If you want to take the time to read review after review, then you’ll find there are many purchasers that are replacing their previous Kenwood Chef with a new one. In fact I found two reviewers listed one after the other who had their last model for 28 and 29 years respectively. Even if the current crop aren’t as well built, I imagine you are still looking at 10+ years before it needs replacing.

A reviewer called A. Pearce was just one more in a long line who had recently replaced their old Kenwood Mixer with a brand new KM366. She believes the new one might even last longer than she does.

As always with Kenwood products, they last for years. My last Chef lasted over thirty years! I needed to replace it because the old motor gave up the ghost and the parts had become obsolete. … If this machine lasts for thirty years it will see me out! I have no hesitation in recommending the Chef.

— A. Pearce (UK)


Is There Anything I Need To Know Before I Buy?

This entry model Kenwood Chef Classic is a very good machine, but it isn’t perfect. They can be a bit noisy, particularly if you have never had a stand mixer before. It is something you get use to fairly quickly. Many reviewers say it has never bothered them. Enough to say, it isn’t silent, though no stand mixers are.

You will have to do some adjustment to the Whisk, K-Beater and Dough-Hook so they are aligned with the bowl when working. This is easy to do by following the instructions with the provided spanner. Please do not forget to do this first, so as to avoid disappointment.

There are over 20 attachments available for the KM336, but please make sure you do not buy any that are meant for the medium speed outlet. The Food Processor and Juicer will not fit this model. If you are after those attachments, you will need to look at the Kenwood Chef Titanium KM010 or Kenwood Major Titanium KMM020


I spent a long time deciding if it was too much money to spend on a food mixer, but I can tell you now its not. It is a super machine, very sturdy but not as bulky as i thought so looks good on the kitchen counter. It is a must for anyone that loves to do some home baking.

— loulou

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