Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KMM020


The decision to purchase a food mixer to prepare everyday meals as well as catering for larger groups of family and friends is not one to be taken lightly.

A food mixer can be a very costly item so this article will provide a short informative review of the Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KMM020 to help with your purchasing decision. This machine costs more than the Kenwood Chef Titanium KMC010, but what are you paying for and is it worth it for you?

It includes the most important things you need to know about the Kenwood KMM020 food mixer and compares them to others in the range. It will help you decide if this is the right food mixer for your needs.

What Features Make This Different To The Others?

At 1500W, the KMM020 has the most powerful motor in the range, and it is nearly double that of the 800W Kenwood Chef Classic KM366. The more powerful motor allows it to mix larger quantities with greater ease as it powers through the thick mixture.

This model has the largest mixing bowl of any in the range, boasting a huge 6.7L Stainless Steel bowl compared to the standard 4.6L bowl of all the other models in the range.

The bowl that comes with the KMM020 is tapered to allow it to mix smaller quantities efficiently as well as the much larger quantities it is designed to handle. This Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KMM020 can whisk up to 16 Egg Whites compared to 12 with the smaller bowls and up to 4.55Kg of Cake Mixture against 2.73Kg with the other bowl size.

The smaller bowls still have ample capacity for most people’s needs, but the comparison of quantities should provide you with an idea of their relative capacities.

The machine itself is naturally larger than the others and this is something that is often overlooked. You will need more space for it on your worktop or storage and it is heavier to move around.

It weighs in at 9.67kg, which is almost 2kg more than the KMC010. This machine is 40.8cm long, 23.8cm wide and 34.3cm high. This is slightly longer and wider than the KMC010 (40cm x 22.7cm x 29.7cm)) but much taller.

These are the four items that distinguish this KMM020 from the KM010. The price difference between the pair on Amazon is usually about £20. For this you will get 100W more powerful motor and a mixing bowl that is 2.1 Litre larger. I would ask myself if I really needed the extra capacity or not, because the £20 price difference is quite small when set against the total cost of the machines.

What Else Do I get With It?


It comes with three Stainless Steel bowl tools, the K-Beater, Whisk and Dough Hook. These are much more impressive than the plastic coated variation on the less expensive models. In addition there is the Creaming Beater that is perfect for more delicate mixtures and toppings.

It comes with a food processor attachment with a sharp blade and three slicing and shredding discs. This is a product in its own right and it is worth remembering you will be getting a decent food processor as well as a stand mixer.

The 1.5L Blender is made from ThermoResist glass and can switch between hot and cold without shattering.

The Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KMM020 is finished in a lovely silver sheen. It has four power outlets including the medium outlet which is totally unique to the Titanium Chef and Major range. It is positioned in the centre at the top of the machine. The Food Processor uses it (which is why you don’t get one with other models). There is a Juicer attachment that also makes use of this power outlet.

Has Kenwood Still Got A Good Reputation?

The Kenwood Chef range has built a reputation for lasting many years, and we have found nothing to suggest the Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KMM020 will be any different. Customers often buy a Kenwood Chef to replace their previous Kenwood, and enthuse about the new one.

I always buy a Kenwood mixer so am delighted with my purchase. My previous Kenwood Chef lasted 38 years without any repairs and hope this one will be the same


Worth Knowing Before Buying

Customers who are replacing a previous model that has lasted them many years, might want to hang on to any of the attachments they purchased for it until they receive the new model. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that some of the attachments will work with this model, so our advice is to hang on to them.

This machine is big and heavy. It weighs 9.76kg and the dimensions are 40.8cm long x 23.8cm wide x 34.3cm high. Make sure you have enough space to put it somewhere fairly near to an electrical socket. If you want to store it away (and why would you hide such a beautiful machine?) then you need a large cupboard.

The KMM020 may be big, but it has some excellent design features to make life easier – as indeed it should. I’ll leave it to a reviewer by the name of Bluebell to tell you what they think.

I’m impressed with the quietness of the machine and I like the planetary motion of the whisks, etc., that pulls the ingredients into the mixture very effectively. A novelty for me is that, in addition to the familiar rigid K-beater, there’s a flexible K-beater included that slides over the surface of the bowl and means that you don’t have to keep scraping down the sides of the bowl when, say, you’re creaming sugar and butter together.



In summary, the Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KMM020 is able to manage jobs both small and large. It is most suitable to those cooks, who need to mix large or heavy quantities, and can make frequent use of such a wonderful food mixer. It is very rare that anyone has anything negative to say of this model and reviews we have come across have been overwhelmingly positive. The Kenwood food mixer has been a trusted brand among households for decades.

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  1. / ReplyBob Kruijsse
    I just bought the KMM020 in an offer including the almost complete set of attachments. I am still learning to use most of them, but I am amazed at the possibilities this machine offers. I do expect to use it for many years yet to come.

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