What’s Really In The Kenwood Chef Range?

Like many Cooks you may want to save time by using a Stand Mixer or want the benefit of consistency provided by an electric motor. These are more than just food mixers and they come with the option to use other accessories.

There are many makes of Food Mixer available, but what about the range of Kenwood Chef Food Mixers?  Are they any good at what they do? Is the cost of buying one, worth what you get?

I first came across an electric food mixer when I was growing up in the 1970s and have always been fascinated by them. I’ve researched Kenwood and their range of food mixers and should be able to help you decide which, if any, are right for you.

There are a number of different models available around the world, and this article will introduce you to the four main models of Kenwood Food Mixers available in the UK.

Do I Need To Look At Every Kenwood Mixer Model?

If you started researching for yourself, you might start to feel overwhelmed by the huge number of Kenwood Food Mixers out there. Through my work, I know there are really only four models on general sale in the UK that make up the bulk of Kenwood Chef Food Mixer sales here.


There are another two models, with very low sales volume.

The Kenwood Chef Major Premier (KMM770) is exclusive to Amazon and almost identical to the Kenwood Chef Titanium (KMC010), except it has a bigger bowl and a smaller motor.

The other model is the Kenwood Cooking Chef (KM069 & KM070) which retail at over £800 and aren’t really comparable to other models here.

Through my research, I would suggest you should start by comparing the four models here before even thinking about others. Some of the other variants are either previous versions of these (often sold without warranty) or they are colour variations.


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What Makes One Model Different From Another?

There are a surprisingly small number of variants between each model here. Mostly it comes down to these points

  • How powerful the motor is, measured in Watts (W)
  • Capacity of the mixing bowl (4.6 or 6.7 Litres)
  • Material used for the bowl and attachments
  • The accessories that come with the model
  • Power outlets available on the machine, which also dictates which accessories can be used

Although we are concentrating on just 4 models in this article, there are others that are identical to these apart from their colour trim or the number of accessories that come with them.

There are 3 different colour trims known as models KM353, KM355 and KM357 that are essentially the same as the Kenwood Chef Classic (KM336).

The other variants are those that come with extra attachments and this is a judgement call as to whether you think it is worth it. Do you really want all those attachments or just some of them?

Which Is The Best Kenwood Chef For Me?

I often tell people that buying a Kenwood Chef is a little bit like buying a car. Once you have settled on the make and model of car you want, you need to choose which engine you want, the trim and other acceessories that are available. Sadly, not everything is configurable when buying a Kenwood Chef, but the models have different size motors, materials and other accessories, just like a car.


I can guarantee the best Kenwood Food Mixer for you will be the one that fits your budget, and the four featured here start from a couple of pounds under £200 to a few pounds under £500. Generally, you will pay for more power, more power outlets and better quality materials.

As an example each of the Mixers featured here has a different size motor: 800W, 1000W, 1400W and 1500W. The prices of each model rises with the power of the motor.

The Classic Chef (KM336) and Premier Chef (KMC570) do not have a medium speed outlet whereas the Titanium Chef (KMC010) and Titanium Major (KMM020) do.

All four have a bowl, high speed and slow speed outlets. The medium speed outlet is used by the excellent Food Processors and the Juice Extractor. If you really want them you will have to buy either the Titanium Chef (KMC010) or Titanium Major (KMM020). Both of these models come with a Food Processor.

The materials and finish change as you climb up the price scale. The Classic Chef uses die cast aluminium and plastic whereas the others are die cast aluminium without the plastic. The accessories that come with each model can change in quality too. The blender that comes with the Classic is made of plastic. There is a Thermoresist blender that is packaged with the Chef Premier and Titanium Chef and Glass for the Titanium Major.

The Titanium Chef and Titanium Major both come with a Food Processor that is very good value for money according to me and many reviewers around the internet. The machines generally get larger and heavier along with their price.


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Comparison Table

The following table lists the features of each of these machines. I have highlighted the features that are different in each case. If a model is of interest then please take a look at my review of that model as it will give you the information you need to decide if it is the model for you.

If you have decided which one to buy, I have provided links to where you can get them from. Amazon is usually the cheapest price for any model, but it is worth taking a look at the other stores too.

Comparison of the main Kenwood Chef food mixers available in the UK
Feature Classic Chef KM336 Premier Chef KMC570 Titanium Chef KMC010 Titanium Major KMM020
kenwood_km336_01_100x100 kenwood_kmc560_01_100x92 kenwood_kmc010_01_100x100 kenwood_kmm020_01_100x100
buy_amazon buy_amazon buy_amazon buy_amazon
Blender Plastic Thermoresist Thermoresist Glass
Bowl attachment outlet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Creaming beater No Yes Yes Yes
Dough Hook Yes Yes Yes Yes
Food processor No No Yes Yes
High speed outlet Yes Yes Yes Yes
K-beater Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medium speed outlet No No Yes Yes
Slow speed attachment outlet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Whisk Yes Yes Yes Yes
Body material Die cast aluminium & plastic Die cast aluminium Die cast aluminium Die cast aluminium
Bowl material Polished stainless steel Brushed stainless steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Bowl tool material Coated Coated No No
Colour White with silver trim Silver Silver Silver
Guarentee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motor Power 800W 1000W 1400W 1500W
Size (cm) 39.0L x 23.5W x 29.0H 39.0L x 23.0W x 28.5H 40.0L x 22.7W x 29.7H 40.8L x 23.8W x 34.3H
Speed Variable Variable Variable Variable
Weight 6.49kg 7.7kg 7.7kg 9.67kg
Electronic speed control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fold function No No No No
Total mixing action Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cord storage No No Yes Yes
Dishwasher safe parts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recipe Suggestions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Safety Interlock No No No No
Spatula Yes Yes Yes Yes
Splashguard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bowl size 4.6 Litres 4.6 Litres 4.6 Litres 6.7 Litres
Capacity – cake 2.72kg 2.7kg 2.7kg 4.55kg
Capacity – dough 2.18kg 2.2kg 2.2kg 2.40kg
Capacity – egg whites 12 12 12 16
Capacity – flour for pastry 680g 680g 680g 910g
Mixer Chef Chef Chef Major
kenwood_km336_01_100x100 kenwood_kmc560_01_100x92 kenwood_kmc010_01_100x100 kenwood_kmm020_01_100x100
buy_amazon buy_amazon buy_amazon buy_amazon

Anything I Should Know Before Buying?

The size of these machines can be quite different and none of them could be considered compact. You’ll need the Prospero or Kmix ranges if you want compact. Check out the sizes and think about where it will stand on your worktop. The Titanium Major with its 6.7 Litre bowl is bigger and heavier than the others. It needs plenty of room. Remember it needs to be fairly near an electrical socket too.

There are two sizes of bowls and you may find the smaller 4.6 litre bowl is the right size for you. That could well rule out the KMM020 which has a much larger 6.7 litre bowl and it is 9.67kg nearly 2kg more than the Titanium Chef.

If you are looking to replace an existing Kenwood Chef Food Mixer, then don’t throw the accessories away. Many of them will fit the current crop of Kenwood mixers.

If you have settled on the Classic Chef then you should take a look at the other recently introduced Classic Chefs that come with different colour trims (Red, Green and Blue).

You should also check out the Mega Pack versions of the Titanium models. They come with a host of accessories at a discounted price. If you don’t think you’ll want to use all the accessories that come in those packs then add the cost of purchasing them individually and see how it compares with the difference between the cost of the base machine and the mega pack. If it is more then you should buy the Mega pack version. However, even if it is less you might be happy to pay the extra money for the additional items.


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Comments ( 9 )

  1. / ReplyLynn Holdsworth
    Thank you so much. I want to buy one of these but was overwhelmed by the choices and almost bought one without the medium speed outlet that I'll rely on.
  2. / ReplyDiego
    Hi Susan,Thanks for following my blog. My KW is a very old model - KM 300, I think is 600 watts and aprpox 4L capacity.Haha...thanks to my aunt, she helps me a lot. But they are all very discipline and obedient. By the way, i seldom cook only in the weekends and bake occasionally. So still can cope...
  3. / ReplySue
    This is so helpful as trying to decide between the Chef Classic and the Chef Premier. Do you know what difference the bigger power of the engine on the Premier makes? Is it noisier? does it go faster? Thanks so much for your help.
    • / ReplyLisa
      I have neglected this site for far too long. It is probably far too late to anser for you but if anyone else stumbles across this. As a general guide, the bigger the engine, the more powerful (and faster it is). A more powerful engine gets through heavy mixes with greater ease than a less powerful motor. they also tend to be noisier, but over the years the motors are getting quieter as they get more efficient.
  4. / ReplyRecycled Rabbit
    Excellent article. In 2016 it looks like Kenwood have released a universal food processor which fits the high speed outlet, so apart from the citrus press, you can consider the non titanium models for specific accesories. It's the motor speed that is currently making me umm and errr.
    • / ReplyLisa
      I have been neglecting this site, which is a pity. There have been many changes at Kenwood and I really need to catch up with them all. We are also thinking of going back to our original intent to just review any stuff we think people might be interested in.
  5. / ReplyTamTam
    This is so so helpful, I was lost! Alas, it's the titanium for me...
    • / ReplyLisa
      Sorry, I've been far too slow at responding. Did you get the Titanium and what did you think of it? A lot of people don't like the noise of some of the food mixers (any make). How have you got on with that?
  6. / ReplyDedicated server
    Every important detail has been considered in creating this sophisticated and stylish range of Kenwood Espresso Makers. Kenwood continuous juicers and citrus presses make it quick and easy for you to enjoy them any time of the day.

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