What Is Planetary Mixing Action?


Planetary Mixing Action is unique to Kenwood Food Mixers and sets them apart from other food mixers. It is another example of the well thought out design and innovation from Kenwood. So what exactly is it?

Planetary Mixing Action is the name Kenwood gives to the movement of the mixing tools around the bowl. The tools rotate whilst moving around the inside of the bowl in such a way that they touch all areas of the bowl. This in turn ensures all ingredients are thoroughly mixed, which is the ultimate test of good performance for a food mixer.

The majority of mixers you can buy will move in a circular motion, which is very different and less efficient than the Planetary Mixing of the Kenwood Food Mixers. This involves the beater revolving in one direction, whilst the socket attached to the Kenwood Food Mixer is turning in the opposite direction. The net result is all the mixture gets picked up from around the bowl.

Its another innovation that helps make Kenwood Food Mixers so popular. The results of Planetary Mixing remains consistent whether you are whisking one egg white or mixing this year’s Christmas Cake.

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