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This Isn’t Me!

About Me

This isn’t me, but it is my little boy (and his bear) starting to cook. Naturally his Dad loved the finished product and we now have a budding chef.

He started off doing everything by hand because it was a lot safer. He does like the machines that help around the kitchen, but not all. Getting mixture all over your fingers is still important to a young boy. Personally, I’d rather not. I like the help that gadgets can bring to the Kitchen and how they can give time to spend on the finishing touches. Kenwood Chef food mixers are amongst my favourite and this site has started out with them before some little diversions. I have two boys and anything that can help make cooking a little easier is all the better.

I started this site as a bit of fun and to hopefully make a little on the side. I do this through the affiliate schemes I have joined for the products mentioned on StuffWeReviewed.com. For example, if you click on a link shouting for you to buy, order now or whatever, you’ll likely end up on Amazon, and then if you go on to buy the product from Amazon, I may receive a small commission.

Though, it still doesn’t pay for the web site yet.