Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier

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Kenwood Chef KMC570 in all its glory

You are probably the kind of person who is looking for a good quality Food Mixer without all the bells and whistles offered by the very top of the range. You may have looked at the and wanted a little more. The Kenwood Chef KMC570 Premier may well be the one that suits your needs.

I will take you through all the features that distinguish it from the models around it. I want you to know if this machine is worth the money. Does it come with the right accessories? Is the build quality worth the price you will be paying?

Just How Big and Powerful Is The Kenwood Chef KMC570?

At 1000W, the Kenwood Chef KMC570 Premier has 200W more power than the Kenwood Chef Classic KM336, but 400W less than the Kenwood Chef Titanium KMC010 which has a 1400W motor. The Kenwood Chef KMC570 is still quite a powerful mixer, just as capable as getting through heavy dough and cake mixtures.

This mixer also weighs more than the KM366, and at 7.7kg carries the same weight as the KMC010. This is due in part to it being made of die cast aluminium and not the mixture of plastic and aluminium used to make the KM336.

Kenwood Chef KMC570

One thing that strikes me as being a little odd about the Kenwood Chef KMC570, is the dimensions of this machine compared to the KM336. Despite being more than 1kg heavier, it actually takes up less room. It is both half a centimeter shorter and less wide than the lower priced model. It is however more of the style of the Titanium mixers than the classic chef, which probably explains this oddity.

The bowl material is brushed stainless steel, whereas the KM336 has a polished stainless steel and the Titanium range uses pure stainless steel bowls.

A Creaming Beater is provided with the Kenwood Chef KMC570, just like the Titanium models. This needs to be purchased separately with the KM336.

What Are The Similarities to the Kenwood Chef Classic?

The KMC570 has the standard 4.6L Bowl albeit in Brushed Stainless Steel. The Creaming Beater, mentioned earlier is joined by the same three coated aluminium bowl tools included with the KM336. Starting with the near legendary K-Beater and followed by the Whisk and Dough Hook.

The actual bowl tools are all coated just like the KM336.

This Kenwood Chef KMC570 food mixer comes with a 1.5L Thermoresist Blender, which can cope with both hot and cold contents. I grew up just loving Banana Milkshakes made in the blender.

There are some 20+ additional accessories that can be purchased. My young children always seem particularly drawn to the Pasta Maker and Ice Cream Maker and seem to enjoy looking through the accessories catalogue.

There are three power outlets, a low speed power outlet, a high speed power outlet and one for the bowl. The Titanium range has an additional medium power outlet.

Is There Anything I Need To Know Before I Buy?

The bowl tools will need to be adjusted before use. It only takes a couple of minutes for each tool using the supplied spanner. Customers that don’t bother often end up disappointed when first using their brand new Kenwood Premier Chef.

If you are buying a replacement Kenwood mixer for an older model, don’t throw the accessories away. Many accessories bought for older models will still work on the newest models. This is all part of the Kenwood philosophy of building products that last.

You will pay something like £100 more for this model than the Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 and pay another £100 more for the next Kenwood Chef Food Mixers in the range.

Check out the comments from Lynne below. She found her KMC570 was too noisy. They can be quite loud but unusual for them to be unbearable. We’re looking into the noise of this model and will update this review when we have more information.

Kenwood Chef KMC570 Premier

The question you might need to ask is whether or not the Thermoresist Blender, better build materials, Creamer beater, larger motor and more modern look are worth the extra money compared to the Kenwood Chef Classic.

If, as I suspect, the answer is yes, and you can afford the models in the higher range, you might need to take a look at whether those models would suit your needs. It boasts a Food Processor and Medium Power Outlet, along with a 400W more powerful motor than this model. Personally, I happen to have a Food Processor so can’t justify the upgrade.

It seems with Kenwood that you get more for your money as you are prepared to pay more for each model.

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